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Cormack Baldwin

Horror, supernatural, and otherwise speculative author guy who is remarkably bad at telling people when he's been published somewhere (sorry, Mom).

Short Stories

This is most of what I write, because either I am 1) good at being concise or 2) have the attention span of a flea. We hope it is the former, it is sometimes the latter.


Every so often I appear in formats one wouldn't expect. Podcast? Article? Interview? Who knows.

Elsewhere online

I am remarkably hard to track down due to my inability to socialize my media. This should help.

Short Stories

"Drop Black" (Witch House Amateur Magazine of Cosmic Horror)
"Grounding Exercise" (Chlorophobia, Ghost Orchid Press)
"Under the Ice" (Winter Wonders, Skullgate Media)
"Exaltation in Triptych" (Love Bites, Mischief Publishing)
"Incident Report" (Archive of the Odd Issue #1: For Research Purposes Only)
"Offenbach & Eye" (M is for Medical, Red Cape Publishing)
"ZOO 243" (Nafallan University Course Catalog, Madness Heart Press)
"Orienteering" (The Theatre Phantasmagoria, Night Terror Novels)
"Parting Gift" (It Was All a Dream, Hungry Shadows Press)
"Send Not to Know" (Disabled SFF anthology, Forest Avenue Press)

Other Media

"Final Sale of the Remaining Works of E. Cutler" (The Magnus Archives, Rusty Fears 5)
"Without Turn" (The Grey Rooms Podcast)"The Goatherd" (Ghostlore, Alternative Stories Podcast)Interviews
"Behind the Door Interview" (The Grey Rooms Podcast)


Social Media
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